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Tyres… including new valve and balancing

Our NEW in-house tyre equipment allows us to offer competitively priced tyres as required.

Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot and Citroen approved tyres are designed to match the characteristics and performance of your vehicle, ensuring optimum contact with the road. They can also significantly enhance your braking distances and fuel efficiency.

We offer a fast and reliable service, with the ready stock of tyres available, all at a competitive rate.

Free Tyre Check Service

Benza Autos offers its customers a free tyre check service that allows a specialist to cast a trained eye over your tyres. We will inspect the condition of the tyre, measure tyre tread depths and check and correct tyre pressures.

The new European Regulation on the labelling of tyres.

Since 1st November 2012, a Europe-wide uniform labelling regulation for vehicle tyres has been in force.

The label evaluates three criteria with four parameters:

1) Fuel efficiency class

2) Wet grip class

3) External rolling noise class

4) Measured value of external rolling noise

The Regulation aims at increasing safety, economy and environmental protection in road traffic through the promotion of fuel-saving, safe and quiet tyres. The EC tyre label is intended to provide buyers with broader-based information before purchasing tyres.

It must be borne in mind that both the actual fuel consumption and safety in traffic when driving depend to a very large extent on the driver’s style of driving. An environmentally-friendly driving style can significantly reduce fuel consumption. Regularly checking the tyre pressure improves wet grip characteristics and fuel efficiency. In addition, a sufficient braking distance must be observed under all circumstances.

Tyres are an important consideration; they are not only integral to the performance of your vehicle, but also your safety.

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